The phase of request begins with the payment of a deposit for the desired property. This moment also implies a purchase requestThe property desired must withdraw market, thus formalising a legal commitment whereby the seller will sell the property and the buyer will acquire it for a pre-agreed amount.

From this point onwards, the necessary checks to ensure that the documentation of the property is in order and that there have been no changes to the register during the marketing phase. Once all the checks have been carried out, the signing of the contract of sale.


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Purchase with mortgage

If you wish to buy your home through a mortgage, the bank will make you a formal offer. The conditions of the mortgage may vary depending on your financial situation, as well as the number of products and links you wish to contract with them. The more you are linked to the bank, the better conditions they will be willing to offer.

Once an agreement has been reached with the bank, the bank will carry out an appraisal of the property prior to granting the mortgage.

Purchase without mortgage

In the event that you work with a bank that has a currency other at EURO we will be able to obtain a budget with a company of foreign exchange with the exchange rate you offer. You can also make a bank transfer to an account in SpainHowever, in general, these currency exchange companies usually offer a commissions more favourable





If you do not yet have an appointment to obtain your NIE, we can reserve a place for you when you pay the deposit. We recommend having a Power of Attorney for greater flexibility in appointments; otherwise, we will depend to a large extent not only on your own availability, but also on the availability of the administration. Once we have the NIE number, we will proceed to register it with the Tax Agency, so that we can use it to pay taxes.

Due to the high demand for NIE applications, we strongly recommend that you apply as early as possible.

Power of attorney

The power of attorney grants its legal representative the ability and responsibility to manage their tax formalities and any other related matters. With it, we can organise your NIE, certificatescontracts, contracts for water y electricity, domicile your receipts, as well as act as your tax representative in Spain. 

We recommend our clients to leave a power of attorney organised formerly of completion, whether or not they attend the signing, since this will lighten The whole process of buy y after-sales service.



A Oftenour clients are not aware of the importance of having drafted a will at Spain after the acquisition of a property, since at the time of his death, the heirs will have to face a complicated administrative process in order to be able to inherit its assets in Spain.

That is why we recommend all our clients purchasing a property in Spain to carry out a property survey in Spain. Spanish willwhich will be complementary to the one they had in their country of origin, with a view to facilitating processing of the inheritance to his legal heirs.

Bank account and purchase costs

Having a bank account is another important issue that should be taken into account before buying a property in Spain. In fact, the bank account should be ready even before you decide to look for the desired property. The bank account will be used to carry out the following formalities:

  • Purchase of the property of your choice
  • Payment of taxes
  • Payment of utilities
  • Holding a debit card to obtain cash.

Your sales consultant will give you an estimate of how much money it will cost to handle the entire sale. This is usually around 13% to 20% of the value of the property.


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