Buy a housing in Spain involves much more than choosing the perfect home. There are numerous administrative formalities y legal to be complied with previously in order to be able to purchase a property in Spain. At Mayrasa Legal we are experts with years of experience accompanying our clients to ensure that any property purchase transaction in Spain is a success. perfect, no surprises y smoothly.

We have the knowledgeThe contacts and the tools to verify that it can correctly carry out the purchase, as well as verifying the full legal capacity of the selling party, because having advice of Mayrasa Legal is to have the guarantee of knowing that you are going to make a purchase with full trust from the pre-sale phase.


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Do you already have your nie number?

The number NIE is mainly used for the payment of taxesso it is required We must have it when we are going to buy a property in Spain. The NIE is necessary in order to be able to make the payments of both the ITP as well as the VATtwo taxes of obliged payment in Spain which is apply in the procurement of a property. Therefore, before starting the pre-sale phase, having a NIE will be a mandatory requirement.

Due to the high demand for the issuance of NIEs, getting an appointment to obtain a NIE has become quite complicated. We strongly recommend that you have your NIE appointment prepared and organised before you travel to Spain.




If your bank account uses a foreign currency different at EUROIf you have any questions, it would be highly advisable to contact an currency conversionas they will offer you a commission much best than that of your bank to convert your capital into EURO. For transactions small it is possible that don't notice the differencebut when it comes to converting big numbers10 cents in commission can mean an additional huge difference.


If you need mortgagecontact a Spanish bank is essential. Even if you are experienced in negotiating with banks, it is very important to recommended take contact with the representative of the banking institution in the same pre-sale phase and so they can gradually realise a financial study to check what we can afford and what we cannot afford.

It is important to do not leave this procedure for laterIt is not uncommon to encounter situations where a client feels that he or she is in a situation where disappointed for not being able to get a mortgage for the house you liked.



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